Paragon Capital Continues Winning Streak with PIPE Strategy »

Paragon Capital Continues Winning Streak with PIPE Strategy

PIPE hedge funds are doing well in recent years. According to, over the 12-year period from 1995 through 2006, PIPE funds produced a compounded annual return of 27% versus 10% for the Standard & Poor’s 500. So what is PIPE? PIPE stands for Private Investment in Public Equity. PIPE hedge funds seek to purchase a company’s common stock at a discount from the price in the public market. They may also invest in a convertible preferred or a convertible note, but the conversion price will be at a discount below the price at which the stock sells in the public market. Although they seek to make our return through the common, preferred or convertible instrument, they always try to get warrants as a sweetener and these warrants have the potential to dramatically increase the rate of return on the investment.

How To Get Back Up In Life! »

How To Get Back Up In Life!

This is perhaps the most moving video I have ever seen. He was born a deformed baby without limbs. Yet through focus and dedication, he got himself back up. And along the way, he acquired amazing skill in motivational speaking, and he gain great insights into what life is. Please watch the following short video. [...]

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